Latest Fotona5D Spotted on Channel NewsAsia: What’s Cool About It?

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One laser, five treatments: Achieving a Contoured Visage with the Fotona5D Laser Lift As appeared in Channel NewsAsia on 24 December 2020 The wisdom that age brings is likely the only aspect of getting older that one can appreciate. Those outwardly visible signposts of ageing, however — wrinkles, saggy skin and a rough-textured appearance — are […]

5 Interesting Facts About Fotona5D You Should Know Before Your Treatment


Psst. Heard all about SL Aesthetic Clinic’s proprietary Fotona5D Laser Lift treatment from your friends, family or the media? You’re not alone. I’m here to share 5 interesting facts about this novel skin tightening treatment that’s taking Singapore by storm! SL Aesthetic Clinic doctors from Singapore came up with Fotona5D. Team of SL Aesthetic Clinic […]