Latest Fotona5D Spotted on Channel NewsAsia: What’s Cool About It?

fotona5d cna

One laser, five treatments: Achieving a Contoured Visage with the Fotona5D Laser Lift As appeared in Channel NewsAsia on 24 December 2020 The wisdom that age brings is likely the only aspect of getting older that one can appreciate. Those outwardly visible signposts of ageing, however — wrinkles, saggy skin and a rough-textured appearance — are […]

Nefertiti Botox Facelift: 1 Surprising use of Botox for a Sharper Jawline

nefertiti botox facelift

Noticing that your lower face is looking more squarish and saggy? You may benefit from a Nefertiti lift using Botulinum toxin, or Botox. This 5-minute cosmetic procedure can reverse the signs of aging in your lower face and neck, helping you achieve a more defined jawline. It involves several precisely placed injections in the areas […]

Profhilo on Forehead: is it Possible? Is Profhilo better than Botox?

profhilo on forehead

You may already be familiar with the latest injectable treatment on the market – Profhilo. Profhilo contains highest concentration of hyaluronic acid among injectable skin rejuvenators in the market. It serves as a quick skin booster to hydrate the skin, and also remodels ageing and saggy skin.  ‘Can we do Profhilo on forehead?’ This is […]