Fotona NightLase® Therapy: A New and Effective Treatment for Snoring

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Is snoring affecting the relationship between you and your partner? If yes, Fotona NightLase® therapy may just be the answer for you.  Snoring has been bothering humans since ancient times. It’s one of the most common sleep disorders affecting almost a third of the population. As we already know, it affects both men and women […]

Debunking the Top 10 Snoring Myths. #2 May Surprise You!

snoring myths

Many of us joke about that friend who snores loudly. Most of us dismiss it as a simple annoyance, until we have to spend a night with a loud snorer. Snoring is such a common worldwide problem as up to 40% of adult males snore habitually. More than just an earful, snoring is bad for […]

Medically Proven Snoring Treatments to Help You Sleep Better

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If you or your partner snore, you are certainly not alone. Up to a third of Singaporeans have sleep disordered breathing, characterized by abnormal airflow during sleep. It is one of the leading causes of insomnia which can lead to a whole host of relationship and health problems.  Thankfully, there are effective snoring treatments for […]

Bothered by Snoring? 4 Signs You Should Seek Doctor’s Help For Snoring

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Is snoring giving you and your loved one grief? You’ve tried to make some lifestyle changes but are still snoring like a Ferrari at night? Don’t despair. There are many effective treatments for snoring nowadays, such as Fotona NightLase® therapy. The first step to solving your snoring woes is to be aware of the problem […]

Causes of Snoring: We Explore the 7 Most Common Reasons of this Irritating Problem

causes of snoring

We all know what snoring sounds like. That unmistakable, repetitive noise coming from our sleeping partner drives all of us nuts. What’s snoring and what are the causes of snoring? Let us dive deeper into this very common problem.  What is Snoring? Snoring is a noisy breathing which occurs while you sleep. When you doze […]